Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top 5 Rules of Renovating

Top 5 Rules of Renovating:

1. Be prepared.  This isn't just a good Boy Scout motto folks.  Around here, it's known as the renovating motto.  If you plan on renovating, ESPECIALLY a house over 100 years old, prepare yourself.  You will see things that will absolutely blow your mind.

Like the middle "beam" of our roof that is supporting our entire house.

2. Don't panic.  You will most likely reach a point where your mind is screaming "STOPPPP!!!" or "WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I DONE?"  Do not panic.  Have faith in your vision.

 3. Find a contractor you trust.  There's a good chance you're not going to know the first thing about removing a roof.  Or whatever you are doing.  Knowing your contractor is not going to lead you astray or take the longest route to the end product is a good feeling.

4.  Remember you have to WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE.  I keep reminding myself that if I take a picture of Jennifer Aniston into the beauty salon and ask them to make me look like her, they will say "oh suuuurrreee I can do that."  Then I leave still looking like me.  Just with hair slightly similar to a style she once had....

5.  Double your budget just to be safe.  The joy of renovating is that you will most likely run into problems as you peel each layer away.  Like a rotten porch that is just casually leaning against your house waiting for your children to take one good swing on the porch swing and just give out.

I'm reminding myself of all these rules this week as we prepare for Walk-Man's birthday party!  It's a baseball party and we are ready for a fun weekend.  There are dumpsters at baseball fields, right?  At least we'll give everyone a good authentic experience....  :)


  1. Love this post and your house! We are having our shower gutted and re done... Just the shower and the walls on the other side in the laundry room and I'm overwhelmed! Ha!

  2. I love the view. You can see the lake really good. I think you should keep the