Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce....

The ADDITION.  No, we weren't planning on it being so big.  And yes, we were referring to it as a dormer in the beginning.  We have canned that word.  This thing is huge people.  These pictures I'm going to show you are not how it looks now.  We ran into a little problem with the porch, and it has been completely rebuilt.  Well, the roof at least.  When we (they!) cut the hole out upstairs, it exposed the top of the porch and we were able to see that the rafters were merely leaning up against the house.  As in, NO nails.  As in, getting ready to fall at any second. (In my head at least!) Obviously it needed to be rebuilt.  Our builder suggested that we raise the pitch of the porch roof for a few different reasons.  First, the reason it is rotted in the first place is because the roof of the porch is (was!) completely flat.  The rain came pouring off the roof of the house and then dumped onto the flat roof of the porch and took forever to drain.  It built up and rotted all the wood.  Second, we couldn't see any of the brand new shingles that we spent so much dang money on!!  The porch is a huge part of the front of our house and because it was flat, the shingles were completely unseen!  The last reason is because once the "dormer" went up, Ben and I panicked. It was SO big.  And tall.  It looked out of place to us and there was no taking it down and refiguring at that point!  Now that the porch roof is raised, it looks SO much better!!  We are so happy with how it turned out!  Today I'll show you the pictures I took BEFORE the porch was raised!

Pretty crazy right??  HUGE change!  I love it though!! It's reminding me of an old southern plantation house in Beaufort or something!  One day we plan to wrap the porch around both sides.  We had to take that into consideration when building the new roof line as well!  And speaking of roof, here are a few pictures of the new shingles!

It was getting dark outside!  Things are still in progress here!

Woohoo look at those pretty new shingles!!

Here's a shot where you can see the top is done and the back porch roof below it wasn't.  Look at the difference!!

Things are still going strong here! I'll keep you posted! 


  1. Wow that is a dramatic change! I love the style of the "dormer" too. I know it will look great once it's all finished.

  2. I got a sneek peak this weekend going to my parents. The porch looks so much better. Doing a wonderful job!