Monday, August 29, 2011


I told you last time that I was working on a new project! It's been a while since I have had any time to work on something!!  The room in our house that bothers me the most is definitely our "study."  It's a pretty good sized room, and considering that neither Ben nor myself have any REAL reason for a study, it's kind of wasted space that just houses all the junk in our house!!  If you know me, you know I love a good craft!!  I am a scrapbookaholic, but I also love to sew, paint, crochet, mod podge, and just about anything else!  Basically, I never met a craft I didn't like!  So, you can imagine the nice little collection of "stuff" I have accumulated for all my crafts!  I really wanted some type of storage unit to house it all.  The other issue I had is the only place we really have for me to work is the dining room table.  Now, as much as Ben LOVES coming home to a table piled up with junk and being told he has to stand while eating his dinner because I'm in the middle of a project, I really wanted a real craft space!

Enter Ana White.  Have you been to her site?  Oh my word, it's amazing.  I think Ben and my dad may ban me from it for a while so I'll stop dreaming up projects!  If you've never heard of Ana from Knock-Off Wood, she is a carpenter who takes the furniture from expensive places like the glorious Pottery Barn and draws up the plans so you can build it yourself!  I was looking through her plans when I ran across this.

Ohhhhh, I love it!!  A craft table that neatly houses all my junk and looks pretty at the same time!  So, I set out to build my first piece of furniture!  It went something like this...
Step 1:  Print out lumber list and drag Ben to Lowes.
Step 2:  Take lumber to dad's house to cut for me because we don't have a garage and it rains pretty much every day during the summer.
Step 3:  Dad and I start to build.  We got 1 side built in about 30 min!  Not too bad.  We just used an air powered nail gun with little finishing nails and wood glue.
Step 4:  Go to mom and dad's 1 afternoon and find my craft table completely built and set up in the garage!!!  Haha!  Yes, I have to admit, dad did all the work.  He even went back and screwed it all together for extra support, and put brackets under all the shelves!  Everything was perfect and neatly caulked.  Love that man! :)

I don't have pictures of the finished product yet because I wasn't expecting it to be finished, and didn't have my camera!  Ben did snap a few on my phone the day that I actually helped dad start the table!

I like these because it looks like I did a lot....haha!
Check back soon for the finished project! I just have to get it primed and painted!  Unless dad has already done that too!  :)

P.S.  You can find the plans for this table here.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Support a great cause!!

Helllllooo!!  I have one quick request and then I'll get right to business sharing a new project I'm working on!  This September we are participating in our first Heart Walk!!  We are SO excited!!  This is one of those things you never dream you will be a part of.  I knew heart disease was the number 1 killer of Americans, but it never hit home until my OWN child was born with a heart defect!  Just typing those words still seems surreal.  Now that we are personally affected by this, we want to do everything we can to raise money and find new ways to help others who are affected!  Since we are rookies, we are starting small. Our family will be walking the heart walk in Charleston, and we are looking forward to reuniting with the doctors and nurses who took care of Walker!  We can't wait to show him off! I have set up a page where people can donate to our cause. All of the money goes to the American Heart Association.  We were so blessed to receive all of your prayers during the hardest 2 weeks of our lives.  We pray now that you will consider donating just a couple of dollars to help!!  Imagine if EVERYONE we knew would just give $3.00!  Amazing things could happen!  Here in the link to our page!

I'll be back later to show you my new project! (it's still in the works!)