Sunday, August 14, 2011

Support a great cause!!

Helllllooo!!  I have one quick request and then I'll get right to business sharing a new project I'm working on!  This September we are participating in our first Heart Walk!!  We are SO excited!!  This is one of those things you never dream you will be a part of.  I knew heart disease was the number 1 killer of Americans, but it never hit home until my OWN child was born with a heart defect!  Just typing those words still seems surreal.  Now that we are personally affected by this, we want to do everything we can to raise money and find new ways to help others who are affected!  Since we are rookies, we are starting small. Our family will be walking the heart walk in Charleston, and we are looking forward to reuniting with the doctors and nurses who took care of Walker!  We can't wait to show him off! I have set up a page where people can donate to our cause. All of the money goes to the American Heart Association.  We were so blessed to receive all of your prayers during the hardest 2 weeks of our lives.  We pray now that you will consider donating just a couple of dollars to help!!  Imagine if EVERYONE we knew would just give $3.00!  Amazing things could happen!  Here in the link to our page!

I'll be back later to show you my new project! (it's still in the works!)

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