Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh, what a week!

Sorry about taking last week off and not posting!! It was eventful to say the least!  The other kiddo I watch was on vacation with his family all week, so we used the time to run errands and do stuff away from home since I normally can't leave the house!  (Not enough room in my car!!)  On Wednesday, Walker went to the cardiologist for a check up after a 4 month stretch!  I was very nervous to say the least!!  But, he got a GREAT report, and was cleared for another 6 months!!! WOOHOO!!!  Nothing better than a good report from the cardiologist!!  Except for maybe not having to see a cardiologist in the first place....THAT would indeed be better.  But, alas, my baby is healthy and that is what we focus on.  As luck would have it, we only got 1 day to celebrate the good news before we were back at the doctor again.  Only this time it wasn't for Walker!  Miss Audrey was "accidentally" jumping on the couch Thursday evening after dinner when I heard her scream.  I ran in and she was holding her wrist and crying pretty bad.  It looked ok, and wasn't bruised or swollen.  She could move it and wiggle her fingers.  She was very clingy and tired and just wanted to go to sleep.  A couple hours later, she was still crying in between dozing off.  I knew she was hurt and called my mom to come watch Walker.  We took her to urgent care and would you believe that poor baby broke BOTH bones in her wrist!!??!  It was just pitiful!! She was pretty upset, but they let me hold her on my lap during the X-rays which helped a lot.  They put her in a splint and the next morning we were off to the Orthopedic for a cast.  

In her splint the night it happened.

Looking extra pitiful in her new cast.  She can turn this face on in no time flat.  She's definitely mastered the "feel bad for me and buy me ice-cream" face.

Saturday we took the kids to Toy Story 3 on ice and had a great time!  It was nice to treat our girl to something extra fun so we could forget about the big ol' hard cast that she keeps asking me politely to take off.

In other news, the backside of our house is almost completely done as far as the roof goes! Dad is roofin' like a pro!  As I type, my head is already pounding a bit from the constant banging of a sledge hammer upstairs as they knock the walls out through the roof making way for the dormer!  Ahhhh, the sweet sounds of construction!

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  1. She does look pitiful! Hopefully it will heal nicely and she won't jump on the couch anymore!