Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun stuff!

Hey friends! I've got some fun things coming up!  My husband recently cleaned out our shed, and we found so much stuff from the early demolition days!  I found a really neat shelving unit that the guys pulled out of the original "concrete room" that is now our bathroom!  I didn't even know they kept it!! I am looking for the perfect spot for it and then I'll show you pictures of making it new!

We also found about a gazillion old doors in the shed!! I am so excited to have them and I've had fun searching other blogs and Pinterest for things to do with them!  I have some great ideas!! I just have to find the time to do it!

We are gearing up for Audrey's 3rd birthday!  I am having trouble believing that she is going to be 3 years old!!! It sounds so much older than 2.  For some reason, 3 seems like a "kid" where 2 is still a baby to me. I better stop talking about it before I start crying... Anyway, we are in birthday preparation mode!  She is having an art party this year, and we are very excited for it! Of course I'll have tons of pictures to share!

I have just a few pictures of some new items in our house that I wanted to share!  Remember when I showed you our kitchen, and mentioned our free bar stools that I wasn't crazy about, and said one day we would replace them? Ben's grandmother got us some new ones for Christmas and we are loving them!

I am SO excited about this next piece!! We have been wanting a hutch of some sort for the long empty wall in our dining room.  I decided to check craigslist with hopes of finding something reasonably priced that I could just redo!  I was thrilled when I found this baby!!!  I sent the hubs out right away to scoop it up before the lady realized she was crazy for selling it as cheaply as she was!  I LOVE it!!!

It's a matte black and already has some distressing.  I had originally planned to sand it and paint it, but I think we have decided to keep it black.  It's a nice accent piece!  Don't worry, I haven't filled it up yet, all that stuff is just thrown in their randomly as I'm trying to figure out how I want to set it up.  What do you think about the doors?  Should we keep them on or take them off and have open shelves on top?  I originally fell in love with hutches like this.

I love the open shelves and the paneling on the back.  I could easily do this to our piece, but I like the doors too!! Opinions?

This last little piece was a Christmas gift from my mom.  It's a cute little corner shelf that I added to our foyer.  I am having fun trying to find little knick knacks around the house to fill it with.  NOT having fun pulling Walker away from it 42 times a day. 

So there are a few little changes around here!  Get excited for the fun things to come!

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