Friday, January 13, 2012

Decisions Decisions

I need a project. I'm bored of things around here and need something to feel new without dropping a ton of money!  Right now my mind is stuck on this little space in our sunroom. Brace yourself for what you are about to see.  It's a lot to take in.

Maybe now you see why I can't seem to get this space out of my mind.  Because it's a hot mess.  The problem I'm having right now is I have a couple different ideas for this space and can't decide what to do with it.  Maybe you can help!  Here is one of my ideas.

Is it just me or would this not be the perfect space for a little breakfast nook?  I haven't really shared our "dining room" before, because we don't exactly have one.  When we took walls down in the beginning of the kitchen remodel we just kind of combined our dining room with the kitchen.  My parents got us a fabulous HUGE dining room table for Christmas right before we moved in this house, and it's just perfect.  (I'll show you a picture of it soon!)  It's just really BIG.  It's perfect for a big family dinner, but not really a cozy spot to sit and have your coffee.  I know I have my wicker furniture in the sunroom for that, but it's lacking a good table and isn't really what I'm picturing for a little breakfast spot.  So.....I'm thinking of building (read this as "getting my dad to build") some window seats all the way around the 3 walls.  Of course they would open up for extra storage.  Then I'd just HAVE to buy a cute little round table for the space.  Or should I go square?  I am NO designer people!

Idea number 2 came from a new blog I recently discovered. Have you visited The Pleated Poppy?  She did a house tour of a friend's house, and shared this picture.

She calls this space "Grand Central Station."  It's the spot we all have in our house, where everything seems to end up.  Mail, bills, loose paperwork, extra keys, batteries, notes, and the place you toss your purse when you walk in the door.  Right now we just have a little spot on our counter and a junk drawer as our "grand central station."  I really love this idea!!  I have been itching to bring some more color into our kitchen, and I think it would be really fun to paint a little desk or secretary a bright cheery color!  I also love the window as the picture frame!  So for this idea to work in our space, we would have to find new places for my daughter's art table and the bench I love so much.  The bench could probably go in our hallway, but the art table has me drawing a blank.  She sits here a lot while I'm cooking or doing dishes, and it has really been nice to keep the art mess in the kitchen like this.  Any suggestions?  If only we had a playroom.  Sigh.  One day.

Option number 3 would be just to clear out all the JUNK and leave the space as it is. This doesn't sound nearly as fun. :)  So what are your thoughts?  Do you have another idea?  Please share! 
Have a great day!!

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  1. Hey Valerie!

    I see your point here! And I'm no interior designer, but I immediately thought of something I saw at World Market that would look fantastic here. They had a dining set with a bench like your white one on one side and then a backless bench on the other with a rectangular table. (The bench looked like this and the table was a dark wood.. I was thinking for this little space, you could build the bench w/ storage under the window to the wall and line it with cute pillows and what not with a rustic rectangular table.

    As for a catch-all "Grand Central Station" place...I've found that putting up a simple wall shelf (what immediately comes to mind is LACK floating wall shelf from Ikea) in white above the bench and put some wicker baskets on it (like Byholma baskets at Ikea). This is what we do to organize/store our bills, papers, and other randomness. Also, another idea for storing keys or little things is to find some oldish (looking at least) ladles with a hole in the handle and screw it into the wall. Just some ideas anyway!

    As for Audrey's art table/stuff...there is always this option ( With the Bygel rail and containers from Ikea (SUPER cheap btw) or place the rail on the wall with the containers. It's how I keep my pens/pencils/markers/paint brushes sorted out near my desk so they aren't cluttering the desk). Is there possibly another space (like on the other side of the door there) where you could move her little art desk?

    Sorry for the long post! lol! Let me know what you think :)
    Sarah G.