Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dream House

I grew up in a white house with black shutters.  Maybe that is why this house immediately felt like home to me. I think I even told my husband when we were dating that one day I wanted to live in a white house with black shutters.  That was my "dream house" I guess you could say.  Even as a little girl, I loved houses like this.  I guess now would be an appropriate time to admit that I am jealous of my daughter.  My almost 3 year old daughter.  My dad has been saying for a while that he wanted to build her a playhouse.  We decided Christmas would be the perfect time, and he got busy.  I told him many times that he didn't need to stress about it being perfect, because she would be excited with anything.

I know my dad well, so I don't know why I was so surprised when I saw what HE had in mind.  It's nicer than our HOUSE.  Audrey was SO good about not peeking.  He built it in his garage and worked for weeks.  Anytime we were over there and the garage door opened, Audrey would throw her hands over her eyes and dramatically exclaim "no want ruin my uprise!" (surprise.)  And oh what a wonderful uprise it was!

Here's my girl with my mom seeing her play house for the first time on Christmas day.

It took some serious figuring to get the playhouse from my parents' house to ours, so you can imagine the excitement around here last Saturday when she looked out the window and saw this...

Welcome to THE playhouse of all playhouses.
By the way, her front door was an old door from our house.  We had several doors that we removed while renovating, and we've just been saving them in the shed until we had a use for them.  My dad cut one down and now she has a little piece of history in HER house.

Complete with her own rocking chair for some front porch rockin'.
Oh what a lucky little girl.  I'm jealous.


  1. Oh my gosh Valeri! This is ADORABLE!!! That's one lucky little lady! :) She'll have so much fun playing in that over the years. I may steal this idea for Ellasyn's next Christmas :)