Monday, February 21, 2011

Our unFINISHED master bath

So....I kinda lied to you guys.  I told you I would show you our finished master bathroom and well, I can't. I wish I could...TRUST ME, I really wish I could.  But, it's not finished.  Our bathroom is one of two rooms in our house that I am not happy with.  There are things I love about it, but overall, I'm not thrilled with it.  I love the feel and look of it, but it's just not perfect to me yet.  That being said, here are the pictures of our bathroom the way it looks right now.

Here is what you see when you walk in.  The trim is not all painted and the bead board still needs a molding across the top.   I love the exposed pipes on the tub!  Ben has good taste!

$5 to the first person to point out what's missing in this next picture....

Yup, that's right-we STILL don't have mirrors!!  See the little round mirror on my vanity?  Ben and I take turns with that in the mornings! HAHAHAHA!  not kidding.  (I WAS, however, kidding about the $5.) LOL.  The reason we don't have mirrors yet is simple-I can't find any I like.  I have searched high and low, and can't find the perfect mirrors.  I want dark wood frames, and it's amazing how difficult it has been to find them!

Here is the massive shower that Ben HAD to have! Haha.  I got my tub, so he insisted that we not skimp on the shower.  He is very tall, so we had to have more glass than the average shower.  All of the fixtures and the frame are oil rubbed bronze.  The shower walls are just white on white cultured marble and I LOVE them!  SOOOOO much easier to keep clean than tile and grout!!  See the painter's tape on the ceiling? Hahaha....that's where the light is supposed to go.  We just haven't picked out a shower globe yet! 

Here's another view.  This is my vanity and you can see the doors into our hideously messy and small closet, and the bedroom.

We have a separate potty room.

 This house has verrrrry little storage space, so I don't have any linen closets.  This is how we store the towels, wash cloths, bath stuff, etc.  Not the prettiest, but it works for now.

Here's my pretty chandelier I mentioned in the last post.  Nothing SUPER fancy, but it's perfect for the space and exactly what I wanted!  Thank you Lowes!

And all lit up.  It's so pretty at night when it's dark!

Here's a close up of the lights over our vanities.  I love how the globes have the lacey etchings on them!! Very antique looking...but in a brand new light!

This is all you get to see of our closet right now.  I've got to get some cute baskets to organize all that junk on top.  Oh-and I have 2 words for small spaces....pocket doors.  We did one here, going into our bedroom from the bathroom, and in Audrey's bathroom as well.

There you have it!  That's our master bathroom as it sits right now.  So what's on the to-do list in here?  
-finish painting all trim
-find MIRRORS!!!
-finish molding on bead board
-find and install shower globe
-new blinds and curtain for the tub window.  It does have blinds by the way.  I just put them up for the pictures! I wouldn't want to scare the neighbors! ;)

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