Friday, February 18, 2011

Master Bathroom Beginnings

It turns out the hubs took a couple pictures of our master bathroom in the works that I didn't know he had.  They were all on his phone, so let me go ahead and apologize for the terrible quality!!  Remember that first night we walked through the house and that little concrete room that Ben told me would be the master bathroom??  In case you missed it, this is how it started.

The neighbors told us that the previous owner used this as her TV room.  This isn't a great picture to really understand the layout of the space.  The wall you see to the very far left is the wall that now separates our closet from the bathroom.  We ripped out the wood paneling and sheet rocked over the doorway you see on the far right.  

Now, think back to the kitchen/dining room area.  We took down a wall in the dining room, and it was then "hooked" to this concrete room.  So, in order to frame in our bathroom, we had to build a new wall.   Have I confused you yet? :)  Here's a picture to help.  Again, these were taken on a phone.
At this stage, the dining room wall had just come down, and we had ripped out the wood and sheet rock separating the closet from the "concrete room."  See waaaayyy back there in the back?  That little room with the spots on the walls used to be the owner's bathroom.  It is now our closet.

Here's a close up of the old bathroom that is now our closet.  All of the walls were tiled, and when we ripped it out, it left black spots everywhere.  Old glue or mortar maybe?
This picture shows the dining room after we had the new wall built.  See the studs back there?  The "concrete room" is on the other side of those studs.  Once it was all sheet rocked and finished, it separated the bathroom, and created a little hallway right off the dining room.

Here it is with the sheet rock.  The stud you see is a column we had to add for support.  There is another one across the dining room as well.

Ok, so how much have I confused you?  I realize how hard this must be to follow, and it's equally as difficult to explain!  The concrete was VERY unlevel, so my dad mixed some kind of concrete stuff he poured on the floors.  It settles into the low parts and makes it more level.  It doesn't work perfectly, but it helps a lot!  I knew I wanted a large tile, and you CANNOT lay big tiles on uneven floor!

There were 3 things I wanted in our master bath.  One was a claw foot tub, and hubby delivered!  The second was a gorgeous crystal light over the tub, and I found the perfect one at Lowes!  (I'll show you later!)  The third was bead board!  Ahhhh...bead board, how do I love thee?

I chose a huge tile (I believe they are 20x20).  We got enough to continue into the closet, simply because I didn't want to break up the floor so much.  Because of the layout of the house, you have to walk through our bathroom to get to our closet.  We have hardwood in the bedroom, and I knew there would be tile in the bathroom.  We hate carpet, and don't have a single piece in the entire house.  So, tile for the closet as well!  Dad and I laid the tile together.  It was a lot harder to do than Audrey's shower because the tiles were so much bigger.  Plus, they weighed 20 pounds a piece.  I'm not kidding.  Each box was 100 pounds and there were only 5 tile per box!  They are some kind of marble....I didn't pay much attention...I just knew they were purrrrrrdy! :)  I picked two dark wood vanities from Lowes; one 36 inch and one 48 inch.  The shower is in the corner between them. is what you get to see of our bathroom right now!
This was before bead board, paint, shower, etc.  We had just finished grouting the tile, so we basically just set the tub and vanities in there to get a feel for things!

The shower pan is installed here, but the glass was yet to come!

So do you understand the layout of our bathroom or have I completely thrown you for a loop?? :0)  Stay with me!  


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