Thursday, February 17, 2011

An October Christmas

If you know me well, you know that I hate surprises.  Well, let me clarify.  I hate "surprises" that you know are coming.  Like Christmas presents.  You KNOW they are coming....and you still have to wait for them.  Maybe that's what I don't like-just waiting in general.  I peaked at my presents every year when I was a kid.  One year I even unwrapped things under the tree while no one was home and rewrapped them! Hahaha!!! I know, I know, I'm awful.  Everyone tells me.  But I just can't stand the suspense!! The only kind of surprise I like is an ACTUAL surprise-one that you have no clue is coming!!  Well, back in October of 2009, my husband delivered an actual surprise! (It's hard to do with me! I always know!)  He called home from work and said I was not allowed to come outside when he got home.  (My daughter and I would always run out to the driveway when we heard his truck coming down the road.)  Apparently, my Christmas present was in the back of his truck, and I was getting it that night!!  Woohoo! My kind of Christmas! :)  Later that night, we all went out to the farmhouse, and this is how it all went down....

I was greeted by Santa!

Even his reindeer came to help.  (This is our Papa John-Ben's dad!)  They are removing the GIANT wooden box that covered the present.

This was written on the box. <3

Here we are waiting to see what's underneath the box!  Doesn't she look excited  scared?!

I know what it is!!!!
A gorgeous claw foot tub for our master bathroom! Ahhhh...he does listen! :)

We were so excited!!  There is nothing like a hot bubble bath after a long day!

It's huge!!!!  We love it!

I think she was wondering where the water was....
Merry Early Christmas to ME!!!  (and Audrey Grace!)

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