Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finished Staircase!

Here it is!! My beautiful finished staircase!!  My dad did the painting for us!  I didn't trust anyone else with white paint that close to all of those steps I stained!!  He also lightly sanded the steps and added a little more stain and then put polyurethane on top!  This was one of my favorite projects we've done, as it made SUCH a huge difference to the feel of the house!  I LOOOOOVE my open staircase and the big, wide hallway.  It's just like I dreamed!!


  1. It looks great! Yall are doing a fantastic job on all of your renovations! Very impressive! Not everyone can do things like this with a toddler and one on the way!!!

  2. We had contractors come last night and I showed him your stairs. I told him--"I want these exact steps" We have carpeted steps now. My only hesitation are the wood steps being slippery. Did you do anything to prevent them from being slippery?

  3. What color stain did you use?