Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hanging in there...

Does March seem like the craziest time of the year for anyone else?  I can't really decide WHY it seems so crazy, but I feel like every year around March I just feel like I'm losing my mind!  Maybe it's just spring fever!!!  Anyway-I'm still alive and hanging in there. :)  The past couple of weeks I have been MIA working on my new preschool room!! I am opening up a small private preschool this August in our home, and have been working hard trying to get it ready for an open house I had last week.  So far I have about 5 kiddos, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  We'll see how many more I can recruit!!  I will definitely show you pictures of the room, but it will be later on this summer after I get it all done.  I was just trying to get it "done" enough for the open house, and all the fun finishing touches will come later!  I'll keep you posted.  

Walker has a little bug right now and is just a whiney mess.  Poor thing.  I hate when they are sick!!  I have my dining room table all nice and Eastery.  I'll take some pictures of that room if my dear husband ever ends up installing the wine glass rack I bought for our hutch.  You'll see it....one day.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately!! Just trying to get all my ducks in a row.  Hopefully I can pick back up soon!  Here are a few recent pics of the babies! :)

My little ladies man

Sweet girl at the park

Ice cream for dinner.  What a treat!!  Sorry about the picture quality-this is from my cell phone

She's such a goof!!

Trouble with a capital T!

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