Sunday, July 22, 2012


I honestly don't know how a couple weeks can fly by so quickly!  I feel like I post regularly and then I look and it's been like 13 days in between posts.  Sorry bout that!  I'm STILL working on getting the playroom finished up so I can reveal it to you!  We have done a couple little projects like spray painting shelves and what not, but I wanted to show you one of the fun things we did together!  All you need is a canvas, some crayons, and tacky glue.  Oh, and a hair dryer! :)

Glue the crayons down in whatever shape you would like on your canvas and give them time to dry. I am a little crazy and had to make sure all of the Crayola labels were facing up, but I really do think it makes it look neater.  We also chose to group our colors together, but you can do it completely random if you want.  Here is our heart!

Now for the fun part!! After your crayons are dried in place, lay down a large towel or sheet that you don't care about.  Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT skip this step!!  Melted crayon is going to fly all over your bathroom.  You will THINK that you can control where the wax goes, but somehow you'll find a drop of blue crayon on your husband's favorite suit hanging in the closet the next day.

Hold the canvas up and put the blow dryer close to a small group of crayons and hold it there until they begin to run.  We rotated the canvas as we worked our way around because I wanted them to all run out towards the end of the canvas, but I have seen people just make a straight line of crayons across the top and let them all run down.  That looks cool too.  Lay the canvas flat to dry.  It won't take long!  

She's so proud of our artwork for her new playroom!

I've been gathering large picture frames from thrift stores and yard sales, and just have to get them painted!  I'm working on an art wall for their art work, and it's taking a long time to get enough frames because it's a big wall.  I'm not someone that likes to give away little bits of the completed you'll just have to wait! :)  I'll try not to disappear for 13 days again.

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