Saturday, February 4, 2012

1 Year!

Sorry I've been MIA lately!!  We are busy with birthday preparations and clearing out our study for my new adventure that I haven't yet told you about! I will soon though!  I just wanted to drop in tonight to thank you all for following me and keeping up with us for the last year! :)  Crazy it's been a whole year!  I am looking forward to sharing many more projects with you and still have several rooms in our home to share!  Please don't think I have run out of projects or that we are "done" with our renovations.  We have openly admitted that we will probably never be "done" with this house!  One day, when funds allow, we will start back up with the big stuff!  Lately we have been talking about our need for a new big project, and there are many to choose from!  We still need new windows and doors, a new roof, 3 dormers added upstairs, the 2 upstairs bedrooms done, the upstairs bathroom done, a garage built, and much more!! We also still have trim to paint, cabinets and shelves to build, doorknobs and locks to install, and we would love to plant a vegetable garden!'s just beginning folks!!  I sincerely hope you'll stick around! It should be fun!

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