Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

So I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite Christmas decorations in our house!  I already showed you my sunroom set up.  I LOVE my Christmas village and have fun adding to it each year!

Here's our 1 and only real tree.  We ALWAYS get a real tree for the den.  You just can't beat the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree!

Our Christmas mantel.

How do you hang your stockings?  There are so many cute hangers out now!! I love the monograms, but I picked these little frames up at Target a couple years ago and I love them! They came in packs of I went ahead and bought 3 packs so I'd have enough for how ever many babies we may have... haha!
I use a picture of my babies on their first Christmas, and have decided I won't update the picture each year.  (Which explains why Walker's is still empty! This is his 1st Christmas and I haven't found the perfect picture yet!)  I think it will be so cute when they are 18 to look at the picture of them on their very first Christmas!  Tear...

Just look how squishy she was!!!

Every year we toy with the idea of putting the real tree in the foyer, but we always go back to this spot in the den.  It's just so COZY!  I come in early Christmas morning and turn on the fire, and we all just sit on the floor around the tree.  I LOVE IT!

Here are the steps-very simple greenery and lights.  Sorry about the pile of stuff at the bottom of the steps! haha!  Baby clothes that need to go upstairs!

 I've never been a PINK person.  I've never really worn pink and just don't consider myself to be a pink "frilly" girl.  My daughter, however, IS.

This is a little tree with just our special ornament on it.  An ornament of the church we were married in, our 1st Christmas together, both babies 1st Christmas', a picture of the house, etc.

 I love sparkly red stuff at Christmas! 

Letters covered with scrapbook paper behind my stove.  Wow...look at the fingerprints on the microwave!! :/

I love countdowns!  I have a countdown for everything! haha!

Ben got me this Christmas cactus last year for my birthday.  He had it delivered to the preschool where I taught.  Apparently he told the florist to pick something we couldn't they sent a cactus.  Haha! I LOVE it!  It requires almost NO maintenance and the little blooms start opening right around my birthday and last through the rest of the year.  

And last but not least, a key for Santa!  We no longer have chimneys, so I thought this would be an easy way of explaining how Santa can still get into our house! :)  It's just a wooden sign I painted and hung a fake key on!  I'll have Audrey put it outside on Christmas Eve for Santa.  She's already excited about it! (This picture is HORRIBLE!  I had to take it on my phone...and somehow it got very blurry through the email! But you get the idea!)

What are some of your favorite Christmas items?!

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