Thursday, November 3, 2011


What do you call the room where your family sits to watch TV, play games, visit, etc?  Den? Family room? TV room?  We generally refer to it as our den.  For the most part, this room is done. (For now!)  It did require a good bit of work!  First my dad had to knock down the brick chimney, brick by brick.  I think that was his least favorite job of the entire remodel!  And we got rid of 3 chimneys... Then of course the floor joists all had to be rebuilt, so all of the flooring came up and was built nice and strong.  Then we had to redesign the fireplace/TV wall and have it built.  That wall is the divider between the den and Audrey Grace's room, so we had to figure out how to work her closet and bathroom in and all that.  Then I showed you how my dad and Ben built the new mantel here.   Ben and his buddies also scraped the ceilings to make them smooth which makes a huge difference in my opinion.  The walls are Sherwin William's Chatroom Gray.  I love this color.  It is the color of my brother's bedroom at my parent's house, and actually has an army green look to it.  We used it in the study too. (You'll see that mess room one day.) So here are some pictures of our den.  Sorry about the sunny spot!


AFTER (Gotta love Blues Clues! :)




Of course we still have stuff we want to do in here.  One day we will have crown molding, and Ben has dreams of a coffered ceiling like this.  

I haven't decided how I feel about it yet.  I like them, but I'm worried it will make the den feel more like a cave since it's not a very big room.  The windows also need replaced, and then we will install plantation shutters.  I love love love plantation shutters!!  That is why I'm holding off on window treatments...I'm not sure if I'll do any or not.

We really like our den and spend a lot of time in there as a family.  It's a very cozy room, which is exactly what I wanted.  Even though we have things to do still, we are happy with it and just excited we will have a completed floor and a mantel for Christmas this year!  Take a look at last Christmas...

Santa came....but he didn't bring hardwood floor. :(

No beautifully decorated Christmas mantels here....

Good thing she couldn't have cared less! :)

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  1. Your den is beautiful and relaxing, and your kitchen is stunning! Where did you get your leather couch and love seat?