Friday, September 16, 2011

Finished craft table

Once again, this project took longer than I planned.  That's just my life these days.  I think maybe I should start planning for things to take longer than I planned.  Then I'll still feel like I'm in control and things are going my way. :)  Anywho-here's the table all painted and set up.  I'm considering putting a piece of beadboard across the front to close one side off and make it look more like an island, but that's a quick fix that may or may not happen.

The two shelves-this is a really basic table

Audrey had to test the stool for me

I love the extra little shelves in the fronts of the sides.  I'll be hitting up Michaels for some organizing baskets!

 Here is my dear child showing me her crayons-while promising me that she would only color on paper and not the new pretty white surface....

 And here is 5 minutes later-proof that 2 year olds stink at keeping promises...  :)

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  1. LOVE the table! hehehe...I'll have to remember to not trust Gracie at 2 ;)