Friday, April 1, 2011

A favorite picture

I decided to try out this link up thing !! I am joining Kelli in her Oh Snappy Day post!  You all know how much I adore taking pictures and scrap booking them!! Each one takes you back and tells a story.  And let me just say-if you don't have kids, and you think you take a lot of pictures now, you just wait, my friend!  I have already started wondering how I will ever keep up with the picture taking and scrap booking of my 2 precious little ones!!  Since I have soooooo many pictures, it's hard to choose just 1 favorite to share.  But, this one stands out to me.

I actually did not take this picture, but it's still a favorite.  My friend, Megan took this at Audrey Grace's baptism.  I love so many things about it.  See the little dimple in my sweet girl's chubby little arm right at her elbow??  That's the first thing I love.  I also love that it looks like she has a rubberband around her wrist from all the fat rolls!!  I also love the blurred background, which is always one of my favorite things about a good picture.  I love how she is just passed out on me, in such a sweet sleep, with no cares in the world.  I also love that this picture takes me right back to that spot.  I feel myself sitting there, in our church, holding my first born chid, about to give her to God through baptism.  I remember choosing her gown, dressing her that morning, and every word that was said that day.  And I'm wearing the pearl necklace and earrings from my love.  Such a special day.

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  1. i came across your blog because i read For This Child I Prayed and saw where you linked to it...i sat here this morning and pretty much skimmed your entire blog...the house is AMAZING...definitely a dream of mine. thank you for sharing! and Walker is a great name for your baby boy (that is my boyfriends name!) and your little girl is too cute :)